Iveta Skalická (CZ)

Into cynology I came in 13 years. Gradually I began to do instructor. I judge from 2001, with approval 1st Class 3 years later. From 2008 I have also been a judge, steward and instructor Obedience, now I'm second year and international Judge in this discipline.

From 2001 working in the Regional Committee, and I'm training team of young people with which it we acquired titles many times Young and Junior Champion in individual or team.

I work in the presidency of the Czech Cynology Association as chairman of the young people Commission for several years. From 2015, I was appointed chairwoman of KM ČMKU.

I judged three times Championship young people Championship Czech Republic young people ČKNO, MR FO, MR RTW MR Schnauzer trackers and as an international judge Obedience then contest in Poland, 5x Championship Czech Republic, and many times Championships Czech Republic young people and the Championship Czech Republic breeds .

I organized a total of 19 top events (MR and VS IPO, M ČKNO, MS Flander Bouvier, MR breeds or Championship young people ...)

With my dogs Darek Gymor (who competed continuously from its third year up to an incredible 12 years), Aryn from Dajjir and Jax Gymor I started to 14x Championships IPO, ČKNO and NZŘ 500b and several competitions CACT at home and abroad.

My biggest success are the start of a two-year Dark dog at the first World Championships in Denmark and then in his 11-years of participation and earnings 8th at WC FH IPO in Switzerland, which contributed to an unofficial 2nd Czech team at the World Championships.

Also successful was the start to the Austrian Championship trackers, where we won 2nd place and title runner-up Austria hitchhikers.

I very much appreciate title Master CR and Pinkas Cup championship with 500 points NZŘ with Arym, plus a gain equal to 100 points for control performance. It was an amazing experience and motivation.

Jiří Kolář (CZ)

Kynology to devote 35 years, I am currently a member of the Training Commission and the Federal Class I Referee of the Czech Kennel Association, chairman of the Kennel Club Liberec Pavlovice, I'm a forensic expert in the field of sports and service dogs and assessing the behavior of dogs of all breeds, I founded and organize the several national competitions, sports and service dogs. It also deals with the psychology of dogs. Currently I have a Belgian shepherd Cash Vědusk.


Mgr. Igor Lengvarsky (SK)

Date of birth: 28.10.1961 in Vranov nad Topľou, Slovak republic

I´ve competed with my dog first in 1976. Since  1979 I am aktive as instruktor for dogs and helper. Since 1981 I was certified as judge and since 1994 I am judging international competitions. Until now I was nominated  as judge in 25 European countries, USA and Japan. Already I have judged in 25 European countries, in USA and in Japan and I was judging 60 international championships.

World championships that I was judging:

·         WCH FCI IPO FH - 1998 – Czech republic - Chomutov – tracking - supervisor

·         WCH FCI IPO  – 1999 – Austria – Stockerau - tracking 

·         WCH WUSV SchH – 1999 – Germany – Baunatal –obedience

·         WCH ISPU – 2003 – Czech republic – Pilsen – protection

·         WCH FCI FH – 2004 – Germany – Jasen – tracking

·         WCH FCI  IPO – 2006 – Slovenia – Nova Gorica – obedience

·         WCH FMBB IPO – 2006 – Hungary – Szekesfervár- tracking

·         WCH ISPU SchH – 2007 – Czech republic – Klatovy – protection

·         WCH FCI IPOFH  - 2009 – France – Chalon de Champagne – tracking

·         WCH WUSV SchH – 2009 – Germany – Krefeld – tracking

·         WCH ISR SchH – 2010 – Denmark – tracking

·         WCH ATIBOX SchH – 2011- Austria – Wieselburg – tracking

·         WCH WUSV - Universalsieger – 2011 – Austria - Hartkirchen - tracking

·         WCH ISPU IPO  – 2011 – Suisse – Lausen –obedience

·         WCH FCI  IPO – 2012 – Hungary - Zalaegerszeg – protection

·         WCH FMBB IPO – 2015 – Czech Republic – Pisek- protection, obedience

·         WCH IPO-FH 2015 - Russia - Moscow - tracking – Supervisor

·         WCH IPO-FH 2016 - Ukraine - Mukachevo - tracking – Supervisor

·         WCH WDSF 2016 -  Czech Republic - Kolin - protection 

·         As organizer I participated on organization of World championship here in Slovak republic; in 1997FCI World championship FCI in Nitra, in 2007 WUSV World championship in Bratislava. In 2002 and 2008 I have been main organizer of FCI IPO-FH World championship in my hometownVranov nad Topľou.

In 2010 I established new pan European program of tracking competitions European championshipIPO FH, that I also organized in  Slovenske Nove Město, Slovak republic. In 2014 I was organizingWorld championship WUSV Universal Sieger in  Vranov nad Topľou, Slovak republic.  

I also participated as dog-handler with 10 dogs on top competitions. I was double Slovak champion. In 1986 I participated for the first time  in European championship FCI in Hradec Kralove, Czech republic. I participated in World championships since 1992 until 2008 with three dogs, in Worldchampionships FCI I participated seven times and in World championship WUSV six times.

Since 1994 I also participate on travelling of Slovak national team and I am Slovak representative in working commission FCI and WUSV too