Beginning login to competition: 01.04 2016
I. Deadline login to: 03.09 2016
II. Deadline login to: 02.10 2016
Registration fee at check-in:
I. Deadline login  55 €
II. Deadline login  60 €
On the link below you can download the registration form for competition. The completed registration form, please put  your picture with your dog. We use it in the catalog. Please send all to the email or to adres Michal Borkovec, Lhota 65, Červený Kostelec, 549 41, Czech Republic
Registration fee to send:
account number: 107-3018700287 / 0100
IBAN: CZ7101000001073018700287
In the textbox for addressee write your name.
We point out the force of law to protect animals against cruelty no. 246/92 Coll., and the wording of the Act no. 77/2004 Coll. Every canine action is obliged to follow the "Order of the protection of animals at public events or in breeding." approved ÚKOZ 24. 8. 2004 in accordance with the Decree no. 192/2004 Coll. For this law, is not allowed to participate in the BWC 2016  dogs with cut off ears.
We thank you for your understanding.